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Ranma 1/2!
Aren't these two just made for each other?

Ranma Saotome

Now those of you who've seen the anime or read the manga know of the love between these two. The tender moments, the declarations of love for each other, the way they just come right out and say how they feel, the...
Ranma and Akane: Huh?
Oh, all right! So maybe that's not exactly what happens between'em. Ranma usually calls Akane an uncute tomboy and she in return dislocates a joint or two.

Of course this is not an everyday occurrence. If it was, there'd be no need for this shrine. Ranma and Akane do have feelings for each other. They aren't great at expressing them, but through out Ranma 1/2 we see the engagement of these two no longer a burden to them. They had lots of opportunities to split up, but did they? They also had lots of opportunities to go with someone else, but they didn't.
Let's face it, these two are a match made in heaven.

But enough type, let's get down to what this shrine's got to offer;
The Moments that Make you Say Awwwwww!:
Here you'll find moments from the anime where Ranma and Akane show their love for each other. With episode titles and quotes, wavs soon, I hope.

Wallpaper: Wallpaper full of loving moments from our fave couple.

Ranma and Akane Pictures: The picture gallery has changed a bit, from now on all I'll have here are altered pics that I've created. So, where are the regular pics? They'll be up soon.

Animated Gifs: See special moments between those two come to life.

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